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A beautiful marriage of tech and people.

Accountants on standby

When you have a question, we have a CPA one Slack away to get your answer.

Monthly Reports

We keep you informed every month, so you'll never be surprised when quarterly and yearly tax season rolls around.

Freelance Deductions

By working only with freelancers, we help you take advantage of all the deductions available for your business of one.

Is Mylance Bookkeeping right for you?

Mylance calculates and minimizes taxes for your freelance business. We work only with independent workers, so our solution and pricing is customized for your business of one. Stop worrying about missing quarterly payments or incorrect estimated taxes.
Get peace of mind and shrink taxes for only $19.99/month.

We’ve got your back. 

You’re an expert at the work you do, and we’re experts at freelance accounting. Our hybrid approach combining software and on-staff accountants ensures you get world-class support.

Simple, transparent pricing

No commitments. No surprise fees.

Tax Estimates

$19 / month

Monthly tax estimates based on your revenue and expenses.

Tax Estimates
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Full Tax Filing

$199 / month

End-to-end tax handoff.

Everything in Bookkeeping
Taxes filed by a CPA
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Bookkeeping Members save an average of 9 hours per month

Not worrying about this stuff enables me to focus on the business and not accounting (not my strong suit). Makes everything so much easier.
Jeremy, Bookkeeping Customer
SEO Specialist