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Package your experience, differentiate yourself, determine your value, and set your price.

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Going out on your own is scary. Reach experts on stand-by to help you figure all this out: from LLCs, to pricing benchmarking, to bookkeeping, and beyond.

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“I'm incredibly impressed with what you've built here. I now have a website that showcases my niche and attracts clients, along with the templates and guides I need to close business!”

TJ Blease
BD Partnerships
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“Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. Their process gave me so much confidence, and once I set up my HQ, they sent me leads!”

Jeremy Schwartz
Enterprise SEO
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“I've dreamt of being my own boss, but had no idea how to get started. The Mylance Toolkit that came with the HQ gave me the step by step process to launch my freelance business. And it worked!”

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"Mylance's resources are incredible. From proposal templates to their rates database, I have now more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours."

Daniel Cohen
Tech Analytics
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"The Mylance HQ is a game changer for me. In under 5 minutes of set-up I have a digital storefront that has testimonials, case studies, and my unique experience that is attracting and helping me close clients!"

Jane Hayes
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Your professional brand, no design work required

Avoid expensive designers and annoying hosting costs - we build a website in minutes you can use immediately

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Capture leads & grow your business

Automate your lead generation: potential clients message and book time with you directly

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Templates and resources your business needs

Your Mylance HQ isn't just a tool. Get access to guides that teach you the best practices for your freelance business, from how to hone your niche and set your rate, to setting up your business and invoicing clients.

Freelance Consulting Resources
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Optimize your business for performance

Your website includes digital tools to grow your consulting business. Track visitors and conversions, follow-up with leads and grow your funnel.

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Incredibly easy to create

Automated content creation by connecting with LinkedIn to optimize your experience.

Connect Your LinkedIn Account.

A quick login to your LinkedIn account auto-populates your HQ with your information. Continue to login via LinkedIn - no additional password required.

Answer some quick questions about you.

As we learn about you, we build your HQ that showcases your unique niche, while leaving the design work for the pros.

Finalize your HQ.

We'll deliver an HQ that's 90% done! Add the finishing touches of testimonials and case studies to make yourself really stand out.

Collect Leads. Grow your business.

Follow our actionable guides for how to use your HQ to collect leads, find clients, and grow your consulting business!

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the Mylance HQ?
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The HQ is a digital storefront for your freelance consulting business that captures leads for you to close. It's your external facing website that helps legitimize and professionalize you in front of clients. Your HQ showcases your niche, testimonials, and case studies to help you get hired, without expensive design costs or any drag and drop.

Further, your HQ includes access to our freelance community and entire Consulting Toolkit which includes proposal templates, contract templates, a rate calculator, guides, and much more. Once you make your HQ, you'll receive access to everything Mylance has to offer.

How should I use my HQ?
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By creating an HQ, you're in the Mylance database for when we receive projects. Further we've created a full guide here for how you can use our HQ to attract clients.  We recommend linking your HQ in your LinkedIn, your email signature, and on other social media profiles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Clubhouse, TikTok, etc.) where potential clients are likely to find you. Further, use the link in outreach emails and messages to help a potential client understand the value you add. Potential clients can message you or book time with you directly from your HQ.

Will my HQ help me find business?
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Yes. In addition to Mylance sending you leads as they come in, we designed your HQ to legitimize you as a consultant. After landing on your HQ, potential clients can review your experiences, testimonials, and accomplishments, and message or book a call with you. You'll manage these leads and message them from your internal dashboard.

How much does the HQ cost?
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For a very limited time, your HQ is completely free. We'll soon be adding paid tiers, so if you want to get in while it's still free, sign-up now!

How do I make my HQ?
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The process is quick and easy (under 5 minutes!), with no design skills required. You'll connect your LinkedIn, and after a few questions, you'll have a professionally designed website. Afterwards, you'll be able to edit and customize the copy on your site. In under 5 minutes, you'll have a professional website that legitimizes your consulting business.

Do I need any design experience or capabilities?
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Nope. We spent the money to get these professionally designed so you don't have to. No coding or design experience is required at all to make a beautiful storefront showcasing your consulting value-add. You will have some simple choices to make it truly feel yours.

Why should I make my website with Mylance
over Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, or Webflow?
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All of these sites, even with their templates, require extensive time dragging and dropping and customizing to make it look presentable. And even then, it often doesn't look great. So you look for a designer. And that costs $1,000+. With Mylance, you avoid that hassle and expense. You get a beautiful looking, professional website that immediately legitimizes your consulting business that doesn't require ANY expensive designing or hours dragging and dropping.


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