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"Two weeks after taking the June bootcamp, I booked my second client! This one is for $5k/month at 10/hours per week. It hasn't been 2 months since I was let go from Uber and I'm now making more than I was and working half the time. Thanks Bradley and Mylance crew!"
TJ Blease

How the bootcamp works

  • Small cohort (8-12) of talented peers all seeking the same freelance skillset and lifestyle
  • 3 weeks of hands-on work with daily modules, expert sessions, and 1v1 feedback
  • Learn from experts: executive coaches, personal branding experts, CPAs, and more
  • Collaborate with your peers in this shared experience
  • Leave the bootcamp with the actual materials you'll use with clients
  • Join the Mylance community forever

Start in a small cohort with talented peers

Plan for 1-2 hours per day, filled with exercises, expert lectures, Q&A, readings, and community events

New modules every day covering everything you need to launch your freelance business

Join a community of like-minded consultants, and other experts (including CPAs and lawyers)

Leave the bootcamp confident in finding clients, but stay in the Mylance community forever

"These tactics are gold. It's the difference between
actually getting a client and not"
Bhaumik Patel

Mylance Membership

Boost your consulting business with acces to our launch kit, proven resources, on-demand experts, and highly-accomplished community.

Keys to finding your first client

  1. 1. Hone your specific niche
Generic skills won't get you anywhere. Work with our experts to hone your specific niche
  1. 2. Scope out a project
Go from a company's challenges, to a project that fulfills you, and pays you well
  1. 3. Write a compelling proposal
Speak your client's language and solve their problems. Resonate with them and you'll get paid
  1. 4. Negotiate like a pro
You've worked hard for your skills and experiences. Get the value you deserve, and learn to love negotiating
"After 4 years at Uber, I worked for myself across different companies, making over $20,000 per month in 25 hours per week, all while managing my own time and choosing when to work. I loved it, and it allowed me to support my entrepreneurial endeavors"
Bradley Jacobs, CEO of Mylance

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Bootcamp Detail

Two Ways of Learning

Expert Coaching

  1. Executive coaching
  2. Personal branding
  3. Business writing for impactful proposals

Exercises and Knowledge

  1. Daily modules to create the materials you need to set yourself up for success (proposals, pitches, your rate, contracts)
  2. Access to a community to get your questions answered

Mylance Bootcamp Outline

Introduction - The freelance mindset

Do you have what it takes to close clients, negotiate your value, and ask for what you want? Let's build that confidence

Determine your niche

Know what you're selling and how to present it. No generic talk here → you're special and we'll make sure your clients know it

Your experience

Back up your skills with accomplishments. This is your time to boast. We know it's not easy. But you can do it

Set up your business correctly

Form an entity correctly, protect yourself, and stay compliant. Our CPAs and lawyers are here to make sure you get the right

Pitch clients

Present to clients clearly and concisely both over the phone and through a one-pager

Where and how to find clients

Learn where to find clients and grow your business

Get clients interested

Nobody likes selling, but you need to close clients. Pitch yourself to clients strategically without a single "sell"

Build your external facing brand

Showcase your accomplishments on Linkedin and other sites, and make them work for you

Price yourself attractively

Come up with pricing that works for you and for your clients - one of the biggest challenges for a freelancer

Scope out projects

Go from a client's challenge to your project. Stay away from hourly projects and get high value monthly retainers

Negotiate a great deal

Learn to love negotiating, and keep your client happy while you get a great deal for yourself

Steps to a great deal

Every project goes through the same few steps. We cover the sequence so you can confidently move from one to the next

Where to find clients

Finding clients is more of an art than a science. We review 5 places we found them, and where you can too

Keys to finding clients

To get a great deal, your clients need to need you more than you need them

Close your first client

Get your foot in the door with your first client. It's a bit nerve-racking, so we break it down for you

Find clients for you

We break down your situation and outline the best places for you to find clients

Optimize and Run your Freelance Business

Once you get clients, you're running a small business. We cover what you need to know to tackle this challenge

Sign that contract, and set client expectations

Set yourself up for a successful project by making sure you and your client are aligned

Grow your freelance business

Expand the scope of your project so you keep adding value to your client, and the money keeps coming in

Get feedback and referrals from your client

Grow your business from where it started. Leverage your first clients for new ones

Mylance continues to support your freelance business long past the bootcamp

You stay in the Mylance community with access to experts forever

Is our bootcamp a good fit for you?

About you

  • Previous professional experience and accomplishments
  • Skills that can translate other companies and start-ups
  • Excited about using your skills to work across multiple clients

With you for every step of the journey.

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Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. They helped me set up my business, nail my pitch, and sent me leads. They answered every question and guided me every step of the way. I got laid off due to COVID in March. I took the Mylance Bootcamp in June. By July, I had 3 paying clients, including with the largest music streaming service! I HIGHLY recommend Mylance to anyone looking to freelance and create a profitable business faster.
SEO Specialist
I had always dreamed of being my own boss, but had so many questions about how to get started. Mylance gave me all the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world, saving me months of trial and error! And after a few short weeks, I have my first high-paying client. Mylance’s resources, advisors and community are truly invaluable!
"This helped me navigate my freelance engagements. They guided me through my rates, scoping out projects, and how to communicate with my clients. I cannot recommend this highly enough!"
Soomin Hwang
"These insights on how to transition from a full-time role to freelance work were invaluable. This course helped frame my thinking around how I can best contribute value to businesses as a freelancer, and most importantly, they instilled the confidence I needed to take the leap."
Ally Sprague

Bootcamp FAQs

Why did you start Mylance?

After 4.5 years in Operations at Uber, I started helping start-ups on a part-time, contract basis, averaging $20,000 per month in half the number of hours than my full-time job. This allowed me to manage my own time, more than support myself, and work on high value projects that I genuinely enjoyed.

I became passionate making this possibility a reality for everyone. It enables you to pursue a passion, start a business, or spend more time with your family.

At Mylance, we aim to help you manage your work life with intention, and make room for the other amazing things in life. This bootcamp is just the start in enabling the freelance life for everyone.

How much does the bootcamp cost?

The bootcamp is a one-time fee of $1249. The bootcamp pays for itself after your first client or two → we guarantee you'll get a much higher project rate that you would without us. Further, you're a part of the Mylance community forever, so you'll always have access to our expert coaches, and larger freelancer community.

How much will I make freelancing?

When done right, full-time freelancers make more money than when they were employed, including the additional costs of being a freelancer (healthcare, bookkeeping, etc.), in fewer hours. If you can picture a role you’d want to have based on your skillset and what that salary would be, you can expect to make the same or more as a freelancer (if done correctly). Yes, you can also get equity as a freelancer if you’re targeting start-ups.

What other costs might I incur as a freelancer?

As much as we love being on our own, freelancing does have some additional costs. The biggest one is your own health insurance, and you likely will have others such as forming an LLC, keeping track of your books, and having an additional tax return. You’ll likely make more than enough to cover all of this, and still make more than a salary you’d get at an employer. Further, Mylance walks you through all of this to ensure you set things up correctly.

What else should I know about freelancing?

Freelancing means there’s very little oversight or structure in your life. You’re in charge, meaning you need to be self-motivated. Further, you need to be able to ask for projects and negotiate well. We have a great way to “sell” without mastering traditional sales techniques, but you’ll still need to know your worth, stand up to clients, and be your own advocate. We believe anyone can learn this, but it takes some work and confidence!

Should I freelance before I join a company?

It depends on the company, but we generally think it’s a good idea, especially if you’re looking at a start-up. You never know what a start-up is like until you’re there, and this way you get to know the leadership, your manager, and the team before you make a bigger commitment. Joining a company is a huge decision, and this allows both sides a trial beforehand. Further, if it is a good match, you’ll likely get a way better offer once they see what you’re capable of.

Does this bootcamp work?

Yes. If you follow the steps, and listen to our guidance this course works. It has for countless folks before you, and it can work for you as well. For whatever reason if you’re not satisfied with the content or your experience, please reach out to us at info@mylance.co, and we’ll make it right.

The work life you deserve is around the corner