Tailored outreach and content creation: find new clients without lifting a finger

Experience the ease of Mylance’s complete lead management, where we handle everything from curation, to copy writing, A/B testing , outreach, and reporting back to you, giving you more time to deliver for clients and spend time with your family

A comprehensive, end-to-end lead generation solution, specifically tailored for fractional consultants seeking growth without the time-consuming process of lead sourcing and outreach. 

Add calls to your calendar with outreach done for you

Our methodical approach to lead generation ensures the highest quality of leads focused on four key criteria: niche alignment, budget fit, team needs, and receptiveness to consultants. Each lead is rigorously evaluated to meet these standards, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique fractional requirements.

Mylance’s dedicated team runs and optimizes outreach campaigns weekly, targeting new leads each month, completely freeing you from the prospecting process.


We curate 20 leads for you


Tailored Lead Generation


Complete Outreach Management:


Transparent Process with Regular Feedback

Custom campaigns and outreach running every week for you

Completely remove your time from the prospecting and outreach process. We'll run and optimize outreach campaigns for you every week to new leads each month.

Two models to supercharge your business

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can find your next client with ease

Done-for-you Lead Gen


For those who want lead gen completely out of sight and out of mind. We take care of all the heavy lifting, including outreach and getting meetings booked.

Done-for-you Lead Gen

Outbound + Content

In addition to the outbound campaigns, we interview you to get your first hand voice, and then create content that compliments your outbound campaigns

Proven messages and follow-up that add calls to your calendar

We are the best in the business at outreach for consultants with years of optimizing messages to get more opens, replies, and ultimately calls booked.

Help with your niche and positioning to build a sustainable business

Strengthen your positioning and your niche and you will be able to charge more and increase demand for your services.

Save time and leverage done-for-you lead generation

The complete sales solution for top of funnel. Stop wasting time with efforts that don't scale and messages that don't get replies.

Scale your consulting business with Mylance Done-For-You

How we start getting you calls in 4 easy steps.


Nail down your unique value-add and ICP

After a few onboarding questions, you'll book a detailed interview with our team so we can understand your value, and write copy that hits HOME


Personalized lead sourcing and outreach

We'll build a highly curated lead list custom, tailored to your niche, with decision makers and warm contacts that are in your niche and have intent signals that they're ready to buy


Campaign set-up, review and feedback

You'll review, provide feedback, and we'll iterate together until you're content. We'll then launch the campaign to your target audience


Show up for success

Contacts will book calls directly on your calendar. Attend the scheduled sales and discovery calls with potential clients and watch your business grow!

Frequently asked questions

If you don't see your question answered, send us an email at hello@mylance.co

What is Mylance Scale?

Quick answer: business development for your fractional business or boutique agency taken completely off your plate.

We use our home-built system to create a curated lead list to contact, set up campaigns for you, and launch them so you’re doing outreach while you’re sleeping, and you keep your pipeline full.

We have two models: (1) that does the outreach campaigns, and (2) that does outreach campaigns plus content creation on your behalf. Apply for access to see if you qualify for Mylance Scale.

Who is this for?

Mylance Scale is for Fractional Executives and Boutique Agencies looking for new clients.

Our best clients have a unique value to add (we can help you with this, but you should have a decent idea already) and generally know who your ideal customer is.

We manually review every profile that applies, and accept only those we think will be set-up for success. Apply to see if you're eligible

What am I going to get out of this?

Clients! Mylance removes the burden of lead generation for your business.

By working with us, you're having outreach and content creation completely done for you.

The time you do spend working will be centered around client work, instead of finding new clients.

What kind of success can I expect?

While it can take a month or two to ramp up and find content that resonates for your target audience, customers are getting 20-30% response rates, and 5-7 calls booked per month. With 10-14 calls every 2 months, you can expect to close 2-3 clients.

What are the steps once I enroll?

First, we book a call with you to interview you on your unique value prop. We need to know what helps you stand out so we can write amazing copy and content for your business.

We then build a highly curated lead list custom, tailored to your niche, with decision-makers and warm contacts that are in your niche and have intent signals that they're ready to buy.

Then, we’ll draft copy that you'll review, provide feedback, and we'll iterate together until you're content. We'll then launch the campaign to your target audience!

Contacts book calls directly on your calendar. Attend the scheduled sales and discovery calls with potential clients and watch your business grow!

How do you qualify leads?

We use five main criteria to determine a "good" lead

The 5 criteria are:

1. Matches your niche
       • As a starting point, we determine whether the company matches your criteria from a size, stage, industry, founded date, etc. Everything starts with the question "Is the company a good fit for your expertise?"

2. Likely to have the budget
      • To get that next contract, the client has to be willing to pay you. We look at their revenue, growth, funding, and hiring budget.

3. Are there business functional gaps
       • If you're a Fractional COO, you're probably not going to join a company that has a COO already. We look at gaps in their team and surface leads that have the right gap for your function.

4. Are they consultant friendly
       • Have they hired part-time workers in the past? Do they currently contract with any? We use this criteria to determine how "consultant-friendly" they are

5. Warm connections from your network
       • You share your LinkedIn network, and then we enrich those to find the best contacts to reach out to. We also use the entire Mylance community (over 2,000 people) to find intro paths to companies that match your niche

How do you find the lead information?

We have access to nearly every company and individual on the web. Thus we can use publicly available data to determine the lead score, and surface those that are best for you.

Is this ROI positive?

Yes! Our average client is closing $12k - $20k / month retainers. So at $1,000 or $1,500 /mo, closing even one client is incredibly ROI positive. We aren't one of those companies that sell you a dream and then leave you high and dry. If we're not generating results for you, we'll work for free until we do

Can I deduct this as a business expense?

Yes! You better.

Can I cancel at any time?

We require a 3-month commitment up front. After that, it's month to month, and of course you can cancel. Just reach out to us and we'll end your subscription.

So, what's the catch?

You're skeptical. We get it. There are tons of lead generation companies out there promising insane results. We don't play their game. We've been fractional executives. We know what you need. And we built a tool to serve exactly this need.

We use it ourselves. And when used right, it works. We don't lock you into a long contract. We aren't trying to pull one over on you. We're helping you build a sustainable business and we want you as a customer forever.

And if we don’t deliver in the first 3 months, we’ll work for free until we do. Apply to see if you’re eligible, and see what we’re talking about.

What if my bandwidth is full and I don't need new clients?

This is one of the most common mistakes we see: business owners stop doing outbound business development when their plate is full.

You do not want to stop doing BD, lose a client or two, and then start it back up when you're in dire need. You want to keep the sales pipeline going even when your plate is full.

What we can do is change the messaging towards more networking and relationship building, and reduce the volume.

Will I be competing with other subscribers on leads, or will each member have their own list?

Every user gets a custom list that uniquely fits their niche, skillset, and expertise. With very narrow niches for each customer, we rarely see overlap between lists.

Is this just a generic list or is it companies that are actively looking for services that would match my skillset?

This is a highly curated list based on a proprietary algorithm and finds the best leads for your niche, and clients that are well positioned to hire you. Nothing about this list is generic.

Where do you get your data from?

We take great care to ensure that all data points in our lists are verified and publicly available.

We collect the data and cross-check it against a variety of reliable sources, including SEC filings, major news outlets, established funding platforms, social media networks, and niche blogs. Our team also uses human intuition to ensure that the information we include is accurate and relevant.

For our clients, this means that every data point and email address in our lists is trustworthy and legally obtained. We are committed to ethical data collection practices and will never engage in any illegal activities such as database hacking or data leaks.

Additionally, if you ever need to know the source of a specific data point, we are happy to disclose it to you.

The Ultimate Sales Solution for your Fractional Marketing Business

Mylance Done-For-You lead generation is your complete top-of-funnel sales solution. Stop spending time on unproductive strategies and start focusing on what you do best - we’ll handle the rest