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We’ve packaged years of research and proven tactics into a comprehensive two-week workshop that provides you with the tools to land high-value clients.

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Differentiate yourself, determine your value, and set your price. The Mylance Bootcamp empowers you with proven, tested methods for landing clients and a community of leaders committed to helping you build a successful freelance business.

Land more clients. We’ll walk you through every step of the way.

What you'll learn

Personal branding
Learn to set your rate and
scope out projects
Actionable logistics
Set your business up properly with our CPAs and lawyers
Negotiation techniques
Live simulated negotiations with expert tactics and real strategies
Learn from experts
Executive coaches, personal branding experts, CPAs, and more
Getting ready to scale
Where to find clients, handle client push-back, and close the deal
Experienced talent from world-class companies trust Mylance to help them package their skills and build their freelance businesses.

“Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. They helped set up my business, nail my pitch, and sent me leads. I got laid off and took the Mylance Bootcamp in June. By July, I had 3 paying clients, including with the largest music streaming service!”

Jeremy Schwartz
Enterprise SEO

“I've dreamt of being my own boss, but had so many questions to get started. Mylance gave me the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world, saving me months of trial and error. Mylance’s resources, advisors and community are truly invaluable!”


"Two weeks after the Bootcamp, I booked my second client for $5k/month at 10/hours per week! It hasn't been 2 months since I was let go from Uber and I'm making more and working half the time. Thanks Mylance!"

TJ Blease
BD Partnerships
"I went from working for Uber to freelancing full time, and it wasn't an easy journey. It took me months to hone my niche, understand how to differentiate myself, put together contracts and proposals, and - most importantly - find quality leads. I started Mylance because I wanted to make it easier for passionate individuals like you and me build the foundation of a successful freelance consulting business..." Read More.
Bradley Jacobs, Founder & CEO

Guides & resources


Top Three Steps for Honing your Niche

This downloadable guide gives you a comprehensive view into how to hone your niche, nail your pitch, and jumpstart your consulting business.

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The First Thing You Should Do to Jumpstart Your Consulting Business

Now more than ever, companies have a stronger demand for talented consultants. That's where you come in. Use your experience to work part-time, add real value, and make money to support yourself.

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New Year, New Career: A guide to launching your freelance career in 2021

The start of a new year can be a time of reflection for many. You may be considering what goals or changes you hope to make in 2021, and often that includes your professional goals and work life.

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