Mylance Consulting Accelerator

Make your work life
work for you

We packaged years of research and trial and error into a consulting crash course. Work across multiple clients, and manage your work life with intention.

Quickly and easily launch your freelance business

12 modules

That guide you every step through your consulting journey

Tangible client-ready outputs

Templates, videos, readings, and exercises that are “client-ready” for your business

1-on-1 feedback

With our coaches, including a live session with our expert CPA.


Included in the Mylance Accelerator

Tools for your business

The tools you’ll use in your business: your niche, written proposal, rate, and optimal business set-up

The knowledge

Negotiation techniques, where to find clients, handle client push-back, and close the deal

Real life examples

Examples of proposals, negotiation techniques, outreach templates, contracts, and more

Access to the community

CPAs, lawyers, and other experienced consultants to get your questions answered

Mylance's Team


After 4.5 years at Uber across Uber Rides, UberEATS, and Uber Freight, Bradley started freelancing for start-ups with a lot of success: averaging $20,000 per month in only 25 hours per week. He founded Mylance to empower millions of professionals to work for themselves, and live a flexible, fulfilling life.

Bradley Jacobs
Founder & CEO

Joe is a licensed CPA with over 10 years of taxes and bookkeeping experience; Joe provides personalized consultations on the unique tax and accounting challenges most freelancers face.

Joe Davis
Head of Accounting

Rebekah is a social strategy consultant helping mission-driven organizations achieve long-term growth and business goals by telling their story through social strategy. When not helping her clients, Rebekah uses social media for her own business finding the majority of her clients - including Mylance - on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Rebekah Bibee
Accelerator Instructor and Community Manager

What our graduates are saying

“Mylance has helped me build up my side income and more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours”
Daniel Cohen
"After two weeks, I booked my second client! This one is for $5k/month at 10/hours per week. It’s been 2 months since I was let go and I'm making more than I was and working half the time.
a portrait of Jeremy.
Jeremy S.
SEO Specialist
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The Accelerator Roadmap

Everything you need, in order, packaged in 12 actionable steps.

Module 1 → hone your niche
Module 2 → create a client-ready proposal
Module 3 → bullet out your verbal pitch
Module 4 → launch your consulting business
Module 5 → social media marketing
Module 6 → determining your rate
Module 7 → finding your first client
Module 8 → turn a company's challenge into a project
Module 9 → learn how to effectively negotiate
Module 10 → deal with pushback and close contracts
Module 11 → align expectations with clients
Module 12 → extending client relationships and your business growth
The Accelerator

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re so confident this program works, if you complete the Accelerator and and aren’t satisfied with the product, we’ll give you a full refund on your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions.

Is the Accelerator for me?
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If you are serious about taking a self-paced course designed to build your start-up business from the ground up, then the Accelerator is for you. The Accelerator is a personal investment to work for yourself in a flexible and fulfilling way. Our customers have experience in every business function: Operations, Strategy, Product, Marketing, Business Development, Engineering, Sales, PR, Communications, HR, etc. As long as you have a specific value to add to a company, you can use your experience to consult for companies, and we can help you launch your consulting business, so you start using that experience to work with clients.

What is the learning format?
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The Accelerator is a self-paced training program designed to give you the skills to launch your freelance business through a combination of recorded lectures, readings, exercises, and 1-on-1 sessions with our expert coaches and CPAs. Our team curated the best content from freelancers who have come before you, so you will know what pitfalls to avoid. The Accelerator will give you the confidence to freelance for yourself in weeks rather than years.

What is the time investment to complete the Accelerator?
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Due to the self-paced nature of the Accelerator, you have the freedom and flexibility to complete the 12 modules in the timeframe best suited for your schedule. That said, the Accelerator can be completed in two to three weeks if you put in between one to two hours of work a day. 

What can I expect as an outcome?
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Customers leave the Accelerator with all of the tools and confidence to close clients. The majority of our customers close clients within a month of the Accelerator. Accelerator participants leave with clarity regarding the value they bring, how to position themselves, and what they want from their independent businesses. Some choose to use the skills they learned about their niche and in negotiation to find a full-time job. That’s no problem! We’re supportive of whatever you decide is best for you. Further, our customers can use their freelance skill-sets whenever they choose, whether immediately or months after the Accelerator.

Does Mylance guarantee success?
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We offer a 100% satisfaction-based, money-back guarantee. We know if you put in the work and finish every module, you’ll be happy with the Accelerator. However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied when you complete the Accelerator, and we’re not able to make it right for you, we’ll refund you the cost of the Accelerator.

How much will I make freelancing?
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Those who have completed the Accelerator make more money than when employed, including the additional costs of being a freelancer (healthcare, bookkeeping, etc.), in fewer hours. If you can picture a role you’d want to have based on your skill set and desired salary, you can expect to make the same or more as a freelancer (if done correctly). Yes, you can also get equity as a freelancer if you’re targeting start-ups. The Accelerator will teach you how to calculate your rate accurately and negotiate effectively, so you will be confident that you are being paid the right amount for your work.