Realize your full value, work across multiple clients, and manage your work life with intention

Mylance Consulting Bootcamp → Make your work life work for you

Take control of your life so you work for yourself and across multiple clients, and manage your work life with intention. We package years of research and trial and error into a two-week consulting crash course 


  • Navigate your consulting journey in a small monthly cohort of 10-15 experienced, talented professionals
  • Each day contains readings, live sessions, and exercises with tangible client-ready outputs & products
  • 1-on-1 feedback on your exercises, along with live project scoping and negotiation simulations & role play
What’s included

  1. The tools you’ll use in your business: your niche, written proposal, rate, optimal business set-up
  2. The knowledge: negotiation techniques, where to find clients, handle client push-back, and close the deal
  3. We provide examples of proposals, negotiation techniques, and contracts, that have all worked in the past across dozens of clients and hundreds of thousands in revenue
  4. Access to experts, CPAs, lawyers, and other experienced consultants to get your questions answered
What our Bootcamp graduates are saying:

Mylance has helped me build up my side income to $21,000 monthly, and more than doubled my income from my full time job. The best part - I work 20% of the hours
-Daniel Cohen, Operations

"Two weeks after the Bootcamp I booked my second client! This one is for $5k/month at 10/hours per week. It’s been 2 months since I was let go and I'm making more than I was and working half the time. Thanks Mylance!"
-Jeremy S, SEO Specialist

About your Bootcamp Head Coach: Austin Bauer

  • Proven Consultant:
    Avg hourly rate ~$250 / hr for clients including YouTube, Omnicom, and Kaiser Permanente, to help their leaders replace uncertainty with resiliency, optimize processes, and spark internal innovation. Average rate for half day of group training is $4500
  • Built in-house coaching program for advertising agency, Deutsch LA (Clients: Volkswagen, Target) Led to 40% increase in employee retention for coaching participants; facilitated dozens of lateral moves and promotions; measurable increase in employee engagement and improved perception of agency’s executive team.
  • Head of west coast at Caveday; strategic advisor for verynice 

What To Expect: A Detailed Bootcamp Roadmap

  • Pre-work → start honing your niche and detail your accomplishments
  • Week 1 → actionable logistics, business setup, project scoping, and pitching
  • Create a client-ready proposal with feedback & bullet out your verbal pitch
  • Set your business up properly with our CPAs and lawyers (1-on-1 session with our CPA)
  • Executive coaching expert session to create the mindset needed to be successful
  • Live simulation on scoping out projects from company challenges to pitch projects
  • Week 2 → Negotiating, dealing with client push-back and closing clients
  1. Present yourself: Personal branding expert session; update your Linkedin
  2. Live simulation negotiating with expert tactics and real techniques
  3. Learn how to set your rate, where to find clients, & how to reach out to them
  4. Keys to engaging clients, common challenges, and how to close the deal (contracts!)
  5. Align client expectations, grow your freelancing business, & using the Mylance community
Time Commitment → Plan to average ~2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week to get the full value from the course

Mylance Bootcamp Fee:  $1249 for the live course with 1v1 feedback, including six months of Mylance Premium

Payment can be made one-time $1249, 2 monthly payments of $649 or 3 monthly payments of $449

Mylance Live Bootcamp

March Schedule:
Monday 3/15 - Fri 3/26 10-11am PST
Three payments of