The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work

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When it comes to designing the future of work, one size fits none. Discovering success isn’t about a hybrid model or offering remote work options. Individuals and organizations are looking for more freedom. The freedom to choose the work model that makes the most sense. The freedom to choose their own values. And the freedom to pursue what matters most. We reached out to successful leaders and thought leaders across all industries to glean their insights and predictions about how to create a future that works.

As a part of our interview series called “How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work Together,” we had the pleasure to interview Bradley Jacobs.

Bradley Jacobs is the founder and CEO of Mylance, an end-to-end software platform for self-employed individuals and budding entrepreneurs to live a flexible, fulfilling work-life. He also practices what he preaches by continuing as a part-time consultant for growth-stage companies looking to launch and scale their businesses.

In early 2020, he founded Mylance to help professionals monetize their knowledge in a part-time capacity, being expert consultants for growing companies.

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Written by:

Bradley Jacobs
Founder & CEO, Mylance

I help tech professionals refine your consulting niche so you can land 5-figure per month consulting deals.

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