Jordan Regenie - Ask Me Anything Spotlight

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Can you share more about your business and how you help founders and start-up leaders?

My work really focuses on identifying the issues and concerns facing founders today and presenting solutions to overcome them.
Once I have the chance to dig into their business and really understand their vision and how things are working today, I can start to map out and idealize the areas in which we can make the adjustments needed to grow. Once we have that defined, the implementation process commences.

In regards to capital specifically, we need to asses how their operations and revenue are performing today. If they're great, then it's all about getting their pitch materials in order and in front of the right people. If they are not, then we need to go back to uncover the reason.

Why did you decide to become an independent consultant?

I truly believe that the best way to change the world is through entrepreneurialism and I wanted to spend my time helping entrepreneurs bring their visions of a brighter future into fruition.

As an independent consultant, I can support founders by absorbing the work that may not be their core competency, such as operations and finances. I am essentially enabling them to focus on the work they truly love.

Congratulations on landing your first client!  Can you share how you achieved this milestone?

Thank you! I actually attended the Mylance Accelerator program and executed on their advice to do some personal outreach. I started with 10 people that included professional contacts, friends and family. The goal was to let everyone know what I was doing. One of those conversations led to a project.

Can you give us an example of a current project you are working on?

Right now I am working with a boutique marketing agency to help them with their hiring process while also developing an organizational structure to enable success and retention.

The founder had a vision to grow which meant adding headcount but didn't have experience specifically related to operations and hiring.

How are you growing your consulting practice today?

I am purposeful in maintaining a consistent outreach strategy to connect and network with people.

I have also started to focus some energy on increasing my digital presence which includes managing a LinkedIn content rhythm to drive more traffic to my website. I also attend trade shows with the goal of speaking to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

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