April 21, 2022

Step 1: Hone Your Niche and Present Yourself Well Part 2

If you want to set yourself apart, I highly recommend taking 10 minutes and actually doing this exercise to set you apart from other freelancers:1️⃣ List your professional accomplishments: At [Company X], I [tangible verb or phrase] that accomplished [accomplishment or result here] and [additional accomplishment here if applicable].2️⃣ Identify your tangible concrete skills and superpowers: I’m an expert at [area of expertise] that enables me to [value add to a company or outcome for a company].3️⃣Develop this to your winning pitch: (Step 1) “I’m an expert at…” + (Step 2) I accomplished X at Y company and delivered on Z value.Overall, you're saying "I can add value in the following way" and "I can back that up because of what I've accomplished doing X, Y, and Z."When you’re talking to a potential client, you now have a clear, concise introduction that highlights your value.Up next...Step 2: Clarify your thoughts

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