Val Groth * MSW, MA, ACC

I love world-denting visions and helping my clients achieve the impossible.

Val Groth * MSW, MA, ACC

Yoga & Corporate Wellness Programming | 1:1 Coaching | Social Impact Partnerships | Startup Advising  

I'm passionate about yoga, workplace wellness, & supporting mission-driven leaders as they work to make the world a better place.

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Available 30hrs/week

Chicago, IL, USA

18 years experience

I love world-denting visions and helping my clients achieve the impossible.

I love world-denting visions and helping my clients achieve the impossible.
A social entrepreneur, experienced nonprofit executive and founder, coach, author, and speaker, I'm passionate about working at the intersection of innovation, impact, and purpose.  I've been honored to receive accolades including being a featured guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, chosen as the 2023 Alumna of the Year at my MSW alma mater, and as a subject matter expert on various regional and national media platforms. 
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I'm interested in

Rock Climbing
Connecting the Dots
Building the Plane While Flying It
Mental Health Destigmatization
Social Justice
Corporate Wellness
Viewing Every Initiative and Encounter Through the Lens of a Social Worker
Cooking Plant Based Meals
The 4 Day Work Week Movement


Yoga Instructor & Corporate Wellness Consultant
Coach for Mission-driven Leaders, Healers, & Entrepreneurs
Social Impact Partnerships
Nonprofit & Startup Advisor
Speaker & Author
Creating Life-changing Opportunities

Aside from coaching and partnerships, I am also skilled in:

sales & business development
business development
public speaking
company culture
employee wellness
board development
brand awareness

Diversified professional experience

Past companies and roles where I’ve gained experience and delivered results.
Stella Center
Stella Center

Director of Partnerships


Illinois, United States

The Stella mission is to advance the understanding, destigmatization, and treatment of post-traumatic stress and other emotional trauma, grounded in science, rooted in compassion, and relentlessly committed to a world where no person needlessly suffers. Stella is disrupting the mental and emotional health industry by advancing breakthrough modalities that dramatically reduce symptoms of PTSD and other emotional trauma related symptoms.
The Groth Group
The Groth Group

Speaker & Workshop Facilitator


Developed and implemented coaching practice aimed at empowering executives and other professionals to advance their careers and personal lives. Facilitated positive transformations in all aspects of lives. Hosted “Inspiration with Val”, a podcast resulting in 100+ productions.
The Groth Group
The Groth Group



Valerie is the author of "The Power of the Possible: The Dire State of Inner City Education and One Woman's Revolution to Fix It" which was published December, 2017. The book may be purchased on Amazon at the link below. She also recently completed the manuscript for her next book.

Hear from past colleagues

Michael Gershenzon

Michael Gershenzon

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Financial Officer

Over the 2 years I worked with Val, her impact was nothing short of Herculean.  In addition to expanding our partner referral base, leading DEI initiatives, and bringing an unmatched hustle to work every day, Val is genuinely one of the most compassionate and selfless people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  

I could not more highly recommend Val and I am certain she’ll drive the same value for your organization as she did for Stella. 

Denise Vance-Rodrigues

Denise Vance-Rodrigues

Chief Revenue Officer

Val is an exceptional person with an inspiring commitment to her work. She approaches every challenge with an innovative mindset, continuously striving to find solutions that not only serve the company but also the broader community. Her dedication and passion are unparalleled, and I am confident that she will be an invaluable asset to any organization fortunate enough to work with her.

Veronica Noyola

Veronica Noyola

Director of People

I was privileged to work with Val at Stella, witnessing her exceptional abilities, vast experience, and unwavering commitment to social responsibility. Val consistently displayed a proactive, creative, and collaborative approach to identifying mutually beneficial solutions for various partner orgs.

Val's leadership qualities and team-player attitude were evident in all aspects of her work. Her dedication and passion for her work and her colleagues make her an asset to any organization.
Patrick Silverio

Patrick Silverio

Director of IT operations

Valerie is as professional and dedicated as they come. We worked together when Val was the CEO and Founder of Ryan Banks Academy and my company at the time was a corporate sponsor. She truly wants to make the world a better place. My most recent experience with Val however had to do with her acting as a therapist for my family after my daughter and I survived an active shooter situation. Val is an excellent therapist but an even better person that sincerely wants to help ALL people.
Elizabeth Gombosi

Elizabeth Gombosi

Senior Product Manager

I was fortunate enough to work with Val every few months on large strategic initiatives. Her deep knowledge paired with empathy shown through in all interactions. Whether partnerships more broadly or specific non-profit relations, Val is the type of person you want on your team. She brings genuine enthusiasm and with her attention and effort things flourish. It is so easy to see how Val has formed so many wonderful relationships in and out of work.  Hope we’ll work together again!

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