Andrew Safnauer

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Managed App Develpment

Managed App Develpment

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Available 40hrs/week

Client: Pinooski

10 hrs/week

Project summary

I led the development of a school newspaper app.  My 9 year old daughter liked to write, and was interested in writing for a school newspaper - which they didn't have.  With a print version out of the question, and no tool available that was designed to work as a school newspaper, I laid out design and functionality, then worked with developers to get a solid, functioning product.  During it's run it was available in App Store and Google Play.

Relevant specialties

Project Management, Mobile App Development, Product Management, Product Marketing

My role



In collaboration with my daughter and business partner, I oversaw entire process from start to completion. Managed relationships and navigated all the challenges with developers and getting it into the marketplace.


6 mos


app development

The results

Launched app and saw regular use in three classrooms in first week.  Took that feedback and continued to evolve product to use in 28 schools.

The method

I spearheaded design and marketing of Pinooski over a 6 month period.

1.  Developed name and brand
2.  Met with educators and students to determine market fit and functionality
3.  Managed app look
4.  Designed marketing promotions