Andrew Safnauer

Consultant/Coach/Mentor - A smart, seasoned generalist

Launch Apparel Brand

Launch Apparel Brand

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Available 40hrs/week

Client: DryFins Swimwear

15 hrs/week

Project summary

I led the development of swimwear brand.  I managed the design process and built a network of manufacturing, logistics and marketing partners to see product to successful launch in 2014.

Relevant specialties

Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Product Management, Business Strategy

My role



I oversaw the entire launch from beginning to end, hired and managed the team and ensured everyone maintained brand integrity.


16 mos from idea to on market

Contract / Pricing



product design

The results

We launched as a new twist on an established product in a $7 bn market.  YoY sales growth of 100+% through 2019, 200+% in 20-21.

Still involved to maintain original brand integrity.

The method

I spent a lot of time juggling the 30,000 foot view while simultaneously digging in the dirt to complete all the various tasks required to get us to market

1.  Designed basic product and oversaw tech pack development with pro design team
2. Developed name, brand feel and target market
3. Leveraged relationships to build a solid network from scratch in discipline where I had no background.
4. Managed overseas manufacture and international logistics