Mylance Testimonials

Mylance has helped me build up my side income and more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours.
Daniel Cohen
Tech Analytics
These insights on how to transition from a full-time role to freelance work were invaluable. Mylance helped frame my thinking around how I can best contribute value to businesses as a freelancer, and most importantly, they instilled the confidence I needed to take the leap.
Ally Sprague
These tactics are gold. It's the difference between actually getting a client and not.
Bhaumik Patel
Ed Tech

Bootcamp Testimonials

I wasn't sure what to expect coming in, but knowing what I know now I’d have paid more.
Henry Carr
The Mylance Bootcamp is a game changer for those who want to build their own freelance business, but don't want to spend months on trial and error to find the best strategy. Mylance condenses all the topics like discovering clients, creating a pitch, negotiating contracts, and much more into a 2 week course. Additionally, the individual attention from great instructors and coaches is very helpful in addressing individual needs, questions, and concerns. I'd recommend Mylance to anyone who wants to jumpstart their freelance business!
Steven Zhou
Ex-Google Data Analyst
If you're thinking about going freelance and you've been on the fence because you don't know what to expect, I highly recommend the Mylance Bootcamp. It breaks down the stumbling blocks that freelancers face and combines engaging sessions with practical experience in a safe environment. It will provide you with the confidence, tools, resources, and candid expert advice to pursue your own freelance career.
B2B Marketing
Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. They helped set up my business, nail my pitch, and sent me leads. I got laid off and took the Mylance Bootcamp in June. By July, I had 3 paying clients, including with the largest music streaming service!
Jeremy Schwartz
Enterprise SEO
This cohort taught me everything I needed to launch my consulting business and gave me the confidence needed to succeed. Mylance far exceeded my expectations.
Gianni Piccoletti
B2B Sales
I’m so grateful for my experience with Mylance! They really helped me understand how to approach consulting and making the shift from doer to advisor and helping me navigate the logistics of consulting. I’m already working less and making more than my previous jobs and could not have made this shift so smoothly without them.
Jane Hayes
I've dreamt of being my own boss, but had so many questions to get started. Mylance gave me the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world, saving me months of trial and error. Mylance’s resources, advisors and community are truly invaluable!
Mylance was easily a great investment of my time and money when considering the access to an amazing community, the ability to mock practical client scenarios, and the abundance of tactical resources now available to me. By the end of the course I was already in negotiations with a client that was referred to me through the program itself! Bradley, Braden, and Sam are very devoted and you can tell they are passionate about seeing each of us succeed.
Operations and Analytics
Two weeks after the Bootcamp, I booked my second client for $5k/month at 10/hours per week! It hasn't been 2 months since I was let go from Uber and I'm making more and working half the time. Thanks Mylance!
TJ Blease
BD Partnerships
This helped me navigate my freelance engagements. They guided me through my rates, scoping out projects, and how to communicate with my clients. I cannot recommend this highly enough!‍
Soomin Hwang

Membership Testimonials

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Bookkeeping Testimonials

Not worrying about this stuff enables me to focus on the business and not accounting (not my strong suit). Makes everything so much easier.
Jeremy, Bookkeeping Customer
SEO Specialist