Small cohort of 8-12 vetted,
talented peers

Hands-on work, including 1:1 feedback and simulations.

Expert sessions in accounting, coaching, and branding.

Accelerate through uncertainty

Your time = your money and your freedom. Skip months of research, trial-and-error, and uncertainty required to launch and grow your consulting business on your own.

Bootcamp Details

  • Personal branding
    Learn to set your rate and
    scope out projects
  • Actionable logistics
    Set your business up properly with our CPAs and lawyers
  • Negotiation techniques
    Live simulated negotiations with expert tactics and real strategies
  • Learn from experts
    Executive coaches, personal branding experts, CPAs, and more
  • Getting ready to scale
    Where to find clients, handle client push-back, and close the deal
The Mylance Bootcamp is a game changer for those who want to build their own freelance business, but don't want to spend months on trial and error to find the best strategy. Mylance condenses all the topics like discovering clients, creating a pitch, negotiating contracts, and much more into a 2 week course. Additionally, the individual attention from great instructors and coaches is very helpful in addressing individual needs, questions, and concerns. I'd recommend Mylance to anyone who wants to jumpstart their freelance business!
Steven Zhou
Ex-Google Data Analyst

What You Get


Take control of your life so you work for yourself.
We package years of research into a 2-week bootcamp → skip the trial & error

Valued at over $5000
6 months of our Premium Membership included