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I Build Playbooks & Systems to Help Early-Stage Startups Scale (Specialty: Launching & Scaling Marketplaces)

Scaling Veho: How We Grew Their Team 4X in 6mos

Scaling Veho: How We Grew Their Team 4X in 6mos

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Client: Veho

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Project summary

Veho (shipveho.com) is an end-to-end parcel delivery carrier for e-commerce companies. It is powered by next-generation technology and last-mile crowdsourcing. Veho was founded in 2016, is backed by Techstars, and has raised $4.2M to date.

From January 2021 to July 2021, we advised the CEO and executive team on hiring, people ops strategy and employer brand, and helped Veho grow 4X from 70 to 285 employees and increase candidate inbound by 500% in 6 months.


My role

Advisor / Fractional Head of People


CEO & Executive Team


Hiring, Recruiting, Refreshing Employer Brand, Increasing Inbound Candidate Volume


6 months


content creation

The results

  • Employee Growth: 70 employees in Jan to roughly 285 in July (+307% or 4.1X increase)
  • Inbound Candidate Growth: 1,416/wk in Jan to 8,424/wk in July (+495% or 6.0X increase)

How we achieved those results: