Launch Food Delivery Marketplace with Autonomous Vehicles

Launch Food Delivery Marketplace with Autonomous Vehicles

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Available 10hrs/week

Client: AutoX

25 hrs/week

Project summary

I led the the operational launch for a food delivery marketplace for a Series A self-driving company. I worked through with them the restaurant and eater acquisition plans, hiring strategy, and marketplace dynamics to ensure a successful launch. 

San Jose, CA

Relevant specialties

Go To Market Operational Strategy, Launching New Teams & Functions, Launching New Markets

My role

Acting Head of Operations




I oversaw the entire launch from beginning to end, hired and managed the team, decided customer facing promotions, and designed the restaurant acquisition strategy, to ensure the launch and growth of the market.


9 months

Contract / Pricing

$250 / hr for ~25 hours per week, 90% paid in cash


food & beverage

The results

Within 3 months we launched successfully with over 100 orders in our first day, and then grew the business ~30% WoW. We acquired over 100 restaurants, and got deliver times under 40 minutes.

I then stayed on with the client for over 9 months helping them optimize and grow the marketplace, enabling them to close their next round of funding.

The method

I acted as the part-time, interim VP of Ops for the company. To launch their food delivery marketplace, I completed the following:

  1. Designed the launch strategy
  2. Delegated actions to the appropriate owners with deadlines and accountability
  3. Set up the hiring plan and interviews
  4. Designed the restaurant sales pitch
  5. Hired and trained a sales team
  6. Set up Zendesk for customer support
  7. Designed the marketing promotions
  8. Held team meetings

Hear from past colleagues

Stephanie Ngo

Stephanie Ngo

Project Manager

Bradley is a multi-talented entrepreneur whose expertise includes scaling a delivery business from the ground up. Bradley is smart, motivated, collaborative, and always willing to help in any capacity.