Bradley Jacobs

I'm a Fractional COO (Chief Operating Officer) who specializes in launching two and three-sided marketplaces to help early-stage 3d printing early stage start-ups achieve growth and scale

given my experience scaling Uber Eats and Uber Freight to over $1B in value

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Available 10hrs/week

San Francisco, CA, USA

10 years experience

food delivery

I designed and executed a strategy to launch Uber Eats in Miami, FL with over 1,000 orders in our first day


I managed 9 markets in North Carolina for Uber in 2014-2016

freight logistics

I launched Uber Freight and built up the business to over $1B in value managing our Carrier Ops team

3d printing

How I help

I build start-ups, advise start-ups, and most importantly, help you make money part time, working for yourself
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Marketplace Launches

Founder and CEO at Mylance

Founder and CEO at Mylance
I love wine, golf, crypto, learning about AI, and thinking about how we probably shouldn't make something smarter than we are.

I founded Mylance to enable consultants to automate the manual aspects of their business.

Prior to Mylance:
-Independent consultant bringing in $20k / month 
-Managed 9 markets for Uber Rides in North Carolina
-Launched Uber Eats in Miami and Milan
-Launched and managed the Carrier Operations team for Uber Freight

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Skills & Tools

Top areas of expertise and tools used to accomplish projects.
logistics & supply chain management
go to market operational strategy
launching new teams & functions
business strategy
growth & scale
process automation
process improvement
community engagement

Professional Experience

10+ years of work experience launching and scaling $1B+ businesses

founder and chief executive officer


san francisco, california, united states

I started Mylance because I'm passionate about intentional work. Use your skills to work on your time, and for your goals. The truth is, you don't know your true value until you work for yourself. I love working with incredibly talented people, and our team at Mylance is working to embrace the changing landscape of work. Reach out to learn more: and it'll get to our team
jo advisors

managing partner


Leveraging my experience at Uber Freight to advise logistics start-ups. 
we just imagine
we just imagine

board member


washington, district of columbia, united states

I'm editing this experience as a test

on deck fellow


new york, new york, united states

Joined On Deck to collaborate with a passionate, talented group of like-minded individuals starting companies. Launched and am growing Mylance

head of carrier operations, uber freight


san francisco, california, united states

I oversee our Carrier Operations team in San Francisco. In this role I shape the direction of Uber Freight’s Carrier Strategy as it relates to carrier acquisition and engagement, and play a key role in marketplace dynamics, pricing, product prioritization, and service expansion decisions. I manage a team of analysts who are responsible for building up a carrier base for the app and executing all operational elements efficiently and productivity. I've been with Uber Freight since its launch, starting and building up its operations team, playing a key role in the initial strategy and operations.

launch manager ubereats


san francisco, california, united states

Head launcher for Miami and Milan for UberEATS. To do this, I designed and executed a grassroots-marketing plan including the creation of a courier and restaurant base to give Uber a competitive advantage in both Miami and Milan. Navigated a complex tax and regulatory market in Italy resulting in a successful business strategy Key Accomplishments: ♣ Hired and empowered a team of 25 employees in Italy to manage the courier, marketing, restaurant, and customer support aspects of the UberEATS business ♣ Developed launch strategies in both Miami and Milan that included differentiated marketing, restaurant, and courier acquisition strategies to ensure successful growth post launch ♣ Led one of the largest US based UberEATS launches, reaching thousands of customers and processing tens of thousands of transactions within the first month of operation

senior operations manager, north carolina markets


san francisco, california, united states

Outlined clear objectives for the grassroots development that resulted in a multimillion-dollar business housed in the North Carolina region. Built up a team of 6 Operations Managers to eventually manage the 9 markets in North Carolina Key Accomplishments: ♣ Aggressively organized grand scale initiatives such as reduced early lifecycle driver churn and driver appreciation messages resulting in high driver NPS and exponential growth in profitability ♣ Expanded the region’s revenue run rate to greater than a hundred million dollars within one year through creating scalable processes, creating action items from data analyses, and strategic expansion initiatives including the launch of a new premium Uber product ♣ Began managing only the Raleigh market in 2014, expanded to managing all 9 markets in North Carolina, while supervising a team of 6 Operations Managers and 3 Marketing Managers by 2016
kaiser associates
kaiser associates

senior consultant


washington, district of columbia, united states

Founded in 1981, Kaiser Associates is an international strategy consulting firm that serves as a key advisor to the world's leading companies. We provide our clients with the unique insight to drive critical decision making and solve their most pressing problems. We are dedicated to helping leading corporations improve their performance and achieve sustained profitable growth. Kaiser Associates' Corporate Strategy Practice works with Fortune 500 and aspiring companies across industries to help develop and execute business strategy. Our ability to provide strategic advice based on world-class "Outside In" research and analysis distinguishes us from other consulting firms. Kaiser Associates' Public Sector practice was established to bring the firm's diverse set of management advisory capabilities developed for private sector clients to government entities that face similar strategic and operational challenges. We assist government organizations by combining relevant commercial best practices with proven strategic frameworks to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

internal consultant


mount kisco, new york, united states

* Developed a marketing and social media plan to introduce a $5 million company * Designed and edited investor presentations to raise capital from venture capitalists
hill international, inc.
hill international, inc.

project engineer intern


philadelphia, pennsylvania, united states

* · Integrated cost and scheduling data for the San Francisco MTA for an estimated $1.8 billion subway system * · Collaborated with cost engineers to meet deadlines for $150 million cost estimate for the Moscone subway station * · Analyzed claims reports to resolve a conflict following the completion of a Major League Baseball practice facility

Hear from past colleagues

Arathi Mehrotra

Arathi Mehrotra


Bradley was my first hire when I joined Uber in 2014. He is the rare combination of a strong high-level strategic thinker and an effective executor - I’d strongly recommend him as a valuable leader to any organization.

Raj Naik

Raj Naik

Managing Director

Bradley is exceptionally talented, and regarded as one of Uber's top performers. Bradley is proven leader responsible for delivering operational excellence and process innovation.
Stephanie Ngo

Stephanie Ngo

Project Manager

Bradley is a multi-talented entrepreneur whose expertise includes scaling a delivery business from the ground up. Bradley is smart, motivated, collaborative, and always willing to help in any capacity.

Project Portfolio

Launch Food Delivery Marketplace with Autonomous Vehicles

Client AutoX

25 hour/week

Open to

project based

remote work

open to travel

expert calls

company advisor

monthly retainers


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