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Not worrying about this stuff enables me to focus on the business and not accounting (not my strong suit). Makes everything so much easier.
Jeremy, Bookkeeping Customer
SEO Specialist

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We’ve got your back. 

You’re an expert at the work you do, and we’re experts at bookkeeping. Our hybrid approach combining software and on-staff accountants ensures you get world-class support.

Is Mylance Bookkeeping right for you?

  • Are you taking advantage of all the freelancer tax deductions?
  • Do you have a clear financial picture each month?
  • Is tax season a huge headache each year?
  • Can you predict your tax bill?
  • Are you confident that your transactions are categorized correctly?

Bookkeeping Members save an average of 9 hours per month


Solving your freelance consulting tax needs, for an affordable monthly price.
including QuickBooks Online

Members save $X on average

What Do You Get?

Monthly Reports

Bring home more revenue by letting the professionals take over your accounting

Quarterly Tax Payments

Take advantage of all the freelancer deductions with a dedicated bookkeeper

Peace of Mind
On-Demand Experts

Focus your time on your clients, not administrative work

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Mylance Bookkeeping?

Mylance reduces your administrative burden. We categorize every transaction, maximize your deductions, manage your accountable plan, optimize your business set-up for your individual situation, and provide you with a monthly snapshot of the financial details of your business. We save our average customer over $10,000 per year!

Q:   Why did you start Mylance?

We love the freelance life for all the benefits it provides, and our goal is to empower more people to live it. Reducing the costs and removing some of the administrative burden is a big way to empower more people to embrace the freelance lifestyle.

Q:   How does Mylance save me money?

Mylance helps you maintain perfect books through our software and expert CPAs. We identify areas where you can save money through setting up the proper tax structure for your entity, optimizing deductions on your expenses, and through our accountable plan.

Q:   How does Mylance benefit me?

Besides saving you money, we give your time back. We categorize your transactions, estimate your tax bill, and give you a clear picture of your finances so you can make educated spending decisions. Tax season will also be seamless with compliant, up to date books already done for you.

Q:   What will Mylance do for me?

In addition to doing your books, and advising you on the optimal tax set-up, Mylance provides a snapshot of your business monthly, with a breakdown of your revenue, costs, deductions, and accountable plan summary. This enables a clear picture of your business to see month over month changes to help you make smart business decisions.

Q   What is an accountable plan and how does it benefit me?

An accountable plan captures the areas freelancers can reduce their taxable income (the lower your taxable income, the less you pay in taxes and the more you take home in revenue), and keeps track monthly of the costs. These costs are paid for by you as the individual, and the business reimburses you monthly, increasing your take home pay.

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