Adam Barney

Do you want to make a life and career change that feels out of reach? I can help via optimism, confidence, and experience.

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Boston, MA, USA

20 years experience



professional networking

Career Growth Coach

Career Growth Coach
As a leader, I have actively elevated talent for two decades - helping individuals (through belief, strategy, and support) to be better and bigger, and helping them get there.

Whether early in your career, at a mid-career pivot point, or looking to jump to a higher level of leadership, let me help you accelerate a process that seemingly takes years to only require months through a process of openness, clarity, and confidence.

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Climate Tech
Food and Agriculture
Community Building

Skills & Tools

Top areas of expertise and tools used to accomplish projects.
lifestyle coaching
startup consulting
life coaching
exec coaching
career coaching

Diversified professional experience

Past companies and roles where I’ve gained experience.
Underscore Vc
Underscore Vc

Core Member


Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Director of Demand and Digital Marketing


San Mateo, California, United States


Manager, Search Marketing


London, London, United Kingdom

Ruckus Network

Marketing and Product Development, College Campus Activist


United States


Senior Strategic Account Manager Bing Ads


Redmond, Washington, United States

* Managed demand and brand growth for +$2M/year spend Advertiser and Agency book of business within New England region on Bing hitting an aggressive portfolio of sales goals with 5-15% average growth QoQ * Aligned key product priorities with customer business goals for quarterly adoption of 2-3 new products with optimal spend to sales goal across Search, Shopping, Native, Retargeting, Pilots/Beta's and Microsoft initiatives * Established iterative multivariate testing schedule for each customer, led by consumer decision journey insights * Led C-Suite quarterly business reporting efforts distilling top 3-5 insights, aligned with go-forward action plans * Through concerted efforts, increased sales by 300%+ with Southern New Hampshire University * Managed team of contractors ensuring delivery of high-quality work while enforcing necessary protocols

Search Director


Winooski, Vermont, United States

Established internal and external processes for 10 regionally planned digital media (search/display/social) budgeting, planning, launch, optimization, and testing plans for Safeway/Albertsons - Provided quarterly C-Suite level performance analysis and go-forward planning internally and to external clients - Increased total adoption numbers of mobile loyalty application download program by ~3x over first 60 days

Associate Director, Search Marketing


London, London, United Kingdom

* Leader in managing $20M+/year in omnichannel digital media strategy, planning, testing across clients * Maintained direct line with internal/external C-Suite to share insights quarterly with 25% investment increase * Built optimization analysis that drove 400% order increase at 63% cost-per savings, exceeding TJX goals

Ppc Manager, Search and Media


Hamilton, New Jersey, United States

Drove strategic account refinements resulting in a 3-year high of query volume and a 33%+ increase in revenue - Analyzed performance and consumer trends to establish media department best practices

Senior Analyst, Search Marketing


London, London, United Kingdom

* Streamlined strategic goals and performance for numerous B2C and B2B segments for Bank of America * Launched first-of-its-kind local program for 3,000 Merrill Lynch financial advisors and 1,000 branch locations * Drove 25% decrease in cost-per-conversion with 50% ROI increase within a direct-response B2B Merger and Acquisition campaign by focusing strategy around proper device mix * Built and managed Cingular Wireless eCommerce program and lowered cost per acquisition by 75%
Morning Brew
Morning Brew

Morning Brew Accelerator Founding Cohort


New York, New York, United States

Akamai Technologies
Akamai Technologies

Senior Manager, Global Digital Marketing and Demand Generation


Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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I generally only work on projects with budgets of at least $500.00 per week and at least a $2,000.00 overall project budget.

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