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Empowering talent to find flexible and fulfilling work.
Hi, I'm Bradley Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Mylance. In 2014, I joined Uber in Operations, eventually working there for 4.5 years across the Rides, EATS, and Freight business lines. After Uber, I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I wasn't sure what that would look like. So, I took a chance. Read More.
Bradley Jacobs, CEO

What We Offer

We give you the ability to work on your time, add meaningful value to companies, and make the money you deserve, all while having the work-life balance of your dreams. Mylance gives you all the tools you need to start on that journey; once you have established your freelance business we also offer bookkeeping services to keep you on top of your accounts.

Mylance so far.

The quick back story of Bradley Jacobs and how he left Uber. After a succession of profitable consulting, gaining time freedom, and being inspired to help others along the same path: he founded Mylance.
Bradley worked in Operations at Uber from 2014-2018 across Rides, EATS, and Freight.
OCT 2018
October 2018, Bradley left Uber. He was tired of working for someone else and he didn't feel like he was reaching his potential.
NOV 2018
He found his first part-time consulting client and was blown away: "They paid me $250 / hr for 25 hours per week. $25k per month."
Early 2019
"I started to turn down clients to avoid working too much so I could focus on my other interest: starting a company."
"I became incredibly passionate about a way of working that's flexible, empowering, and makes time for the other things we love in life."
Jan 2020
Bradley started Mylance in January 2020 to more fully embrace flexible work and to help remove the admin burden from freelancers.

Our Team

Bradley Jacobs

CEO and Founder

After graduating Duke with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and working as a management consultant DC, Bradley joined Uber in 2014. Through 4.5 years at Uber, he managed 9 markets in North Carolina for the Uber Rides business, launched UberEATS in Miami and Milan, and led the Carrier Operations team for Uber Freight. After leaving Uber, Bradley started freelancing for start-ups and loved what the freelance life provided so much so that he started Mylance in early 2020 to enable the freelance life for everyone.

Parker Wilf

Head of Product

After graduating Georgetown with degrees in Business and Computer Science, Parker found his way to the Bay Area. He spent 4 years as a Product Manager at Dropbox where he helped grow Dropbox Business, launch the company's desktop app, and incubate various 0-> 1 products. After leaving Dropbox, Parker wanted to find a way to help individuals live more authentic, fulfilling lives — therefore, he joined Bradley to build Mylance.

Sam Marks

Director of Strategy

After he graduated from Duke in 2014 with a degree in Chemistry and Economics, Sam spent four years as a management consultant in Chicago, IL. During this period, he focused specifically on strategy work for clients in the Financial Services, Mobile, and Media, Entertainment, and Sports industries. Sam later returned to Duke, where he earned his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business with concentrations in Strategy and Decisions Sciences. After graduating, he joined Mylance in a consulting capacity as the firm’s Director of Strategy.

Samantha Tiller-Schenck

Director of Marketing

Samantha Tiller-Schenck is a marketing and change management leader with experience in go-to-market, sales, and marketing strategy. With over 10 years’ experience in marketing and experience management, she has successfully helped organizations align their mission, brand, and voice. Prior to joining the team, Samantha led efforts that generated $191M in sales-qualified opportunities for one of the world’s largest management consulting firms. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Master of Education in Organizational Leadership from Ohio University.

Joe Davis

Head of Accounting

Joe is a licensed CPA and MAcc with over 10 years of experience providing peace of mind to entrepreneurs and freelancers about their accounting and taxes. Having served a variety of clients ranging from rock stars to retail across multiple states, Joe has a unique set of experiences that allow personalized consultation on the unique tax and accounting challenges most freelancers face. When he’s not crunching numbers, Joe enjoys road tripping and discovering new music.

Reina Weinstock

Web and Operations

After graduating from Hamilton College with a degree in Computer Science, Reina spent three years in healthcare market research consulting analyzing market fit, size, and positioning for pharmaceutical clients. Reina now uses her experience with Computer Science and project management support Mylance's website and back-end operations.

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